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Team 2012 Celebrates Victory at  LA Marathon XXVII!
Sunday March 18th, 2012.



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 The Road Less Traveled

March 20, 2011

“This is getting bad,” I thought to myself as I passed a fallen comrade at Mile 15. Shaking violently, and sitting in six inches of water in the middle of street, he was being worked on by a team of medics, clearly in the throws of hypothermia as sheets of freezing rain pounded our collective resolve more than 4 hours into the race.

As Head Coach for the 2011 Students Off And Running (SOAR) marathon training program, my job today as ‘sweep’ for the LA Marathon seemed simple enough in theory: amidst the 30,000 registered participants, keep the team in front of me and moving toward the finish; tag and provide emotional support to whichever of our 17 registered student runners was having the toughest day (today, unfortunately was Mahsa’s day to have to dig deep); and get everybody safely (all 30 team members including coaches) to Santa Monica, a mere 26.2 miles from the start at Dodger Stadium. Piece of cake.

But at this particular moment, it was the ‘get everybody safely to Santa Monica’ clause of my job description that was giving me the hardest time as I was forced to accept the dire seriousness of our situation by a fresh torrent of icy smack down, “Man, I hope the kids are OK.  This is getting really, really bad.”

And then in my darkest hour, a glimmer of hope came in the form of a technological wonder. Two days earlier I had registered the entire team to track course progress via text alerts to my cell using the sensor system provided by the folks at LA. My phone now sparked to life as the first of 17 reached the beach ‘Ruiz, Gilbert at Finish – 4:06:27.’  I stopped and stared at my soggy Samsung in disbelief amidst the driving monsoon. “Yeah baby! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Go! G. Go!,” I howled to the heavens. “Bring it on! Come on Mahsa, let’s do this, you’re almost home!” We shared a smile and together continued our headlong plunge into teeth of the beast. 

For the next three hours, as the temperature plummeted and the worst winter storm in recent memory raged, Mahsa and I pressed on and the song remained the same; my emotions reeling as ol’ Samsung bore witness to each SOAR participant’s personal testament to courage and true determination:  ‘Mendez, Alex at Finish - 4:31:55’, ‘Gill, Jasmine at Finish – 5:11:07’, ‘Mendoza, Zachary at Finish – 5:37:24’ ‘Crooks, Keeva at Finish - 5:49:59’, ‘Flores, Nataly at Finish – 6:46:51’ and so the list went on as each made it safely to Santa Monica until finally, in the midst of a driving gale, there was only one text left to receive.  As we crossed the line together, I received my final text from LA XXVI, and took pause to give thanks for a safe end to an epic journey, surprised to find that despite all we endured throughout the day, I truly wouldn’t have changed a single thing.

If asked to share a grain of wisdom with all who triumphed over today's ordeal, it would simply be this: In the grand scheme of things, the road to integrity, personal growth, and self awareness is often the road less traveled. If you stick in there no matter what, the pain and sacrifice you endure along the way last but a moment, the memories a lifetime. 

<<<<<< begin transmission ……From LAXXVI  CB# 51497  4:37pm ……‘Motavvef, Mahsa at Finish – 7:26:51……..end transmission >>>>>>>>.  

My heartfelt congratulations to you Mahsa, my heartfelt congratulations to you all.

Yours for the long run,

Coach Sarkissian

2011 Students Off And Running (SOAR)


Santa Clarita Track Club's Students Off And Running (SOAR) helps youth at risk living in Santa Clarita build life skills and establish healthy relationships with peers and adults through training for and competing in a Marathon.


Santa Clarita Track Club's Students Off And Running (SOAR) aspires to be an after school program available to all schools throughout the Santa Clarita Valley that uses the vehicle of marathon training to empower students and provide them with tools for a healthy and constructive future.


The ultimate goal of SOAR is for students to participate in a truly life changing event: running a marathon. Beyond achieving a fitness challenge few can aspire to, students walk away from the program with a lifetime of lessons. In addition to increasing physical fitness and activity, students gain knowledge about health and nutrition, see alternatives to risky behavior, increase self-esteem, build resiliency to current and future obstacles, learn how to set and achieve goals, and develop positive peer and adult relationships. Students also gain the potential to translate their remarkable accomplishment into improved school performance and academic success. Seeing the fruits of their hard work upon crossing the finish line will provide SOAR students with the confidence they need to succeed both in and outside the classroom.


SOAR establishes running groups at participating schools and implements a seven month training program.  Each running group operates under the guidance of volunteer adult Coaches who role model commitment and perseverance by training mile for mile with student participants in preparation for the marathon.  Coaches may be teachers, school staff or community members and need not have prior running experience. Running groups maintain a 6:1 student-Coach ratio allowing for valuable one-on-one adult-student interaction. Weekly goals are set in a non-competitive environment that stresses endurance building as opposed to speed.  Starting with one mile the first week participants gradually run additional miles each week until they are prepared to take on the 26.2 mile course. During training, Coaches emphasize messages about nutrition, exercise, conditioning, injury prevention and general well-being.  Coaches also use this time to mentor students and create a supportive environment where students can talk about personal, family and academic challenges and develop the confidence to apply themselves and overcome those challenges.


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